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Salvatore Simonelli @ Autoscuola Faro


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Autoscuola Faro is a sailing and driving school based in Pisa (Italy) that has been in business for several years. They approached me to redesign their existing website. They wanted a centralized platform that would provide detailed information about their services, driving licenses, and promote license renewal and boat sailing courses.

Additionally, they required a contact form for potential clients to reach out to them. Their aim was to create a fresh, modern look that was also reminiscent of the sea and the relaxation that it offers.



To create a website that would meet my client's needs, I began by researching their industry to identify the elements that would be necessary. I then created a brief to outline the scope of the project, which helped us to ensure that we were on the same page throughout the design process. The next step was to create a mood board that reflected the look and feel of the website. Based on our discussions, I decided to incorporate blue and white colors to convey the sea's calming influence. After creating the mood board, I moved on to wireframing the website. This helped me to create a detailed structure for the website, ensuring that all of the necessary elements were included. I then began working on the homepage design, which I presented to my client. After receiving their feedback, I made revisions and finalized the design.

One of the key requirements was the inclusion of a detailed driving license specs page. This page was designed to provide visitors with comprehensive information about the different types of driving licenses available, as well as the requirements for obtaining and renewing them. Another key requirement was the inclusion of a promo page specifically designed to promote their boat sailing course. This page was designed to provide visitors with comprehensive information about the course, including its objectives, duration, and cost.

To ensure that the page was visually engaging and informative, I used a variety of design elements to showcase the excitement and adventure of sailing. I used bold typography, bright colors, and strategic use of negative space to create a sense of energy and excitement.

"Throughout the development process, I was impressed by how dedicated Michael was in creating a website that met our needs. He was always willing to listen to our feedback and suggestions, and they made sure to incorporate our photos and content into the design. We couldn't have asked for a better partner for this project."

Fabio Acri @ Autoscuola Faro


With the homepage design finalized, I began building the website. I used a sans-serif font to improve readability and access to visitors, ensuring that the website was user-friendly. I also ensured that the website was optimized for search engines by incorporating Google Analytics and SEO best practices. To meet my client's specific requirements, I created two promo pages, one for license renewal and one for boat sailing courses. These pages provided detailed information about the courses and services, making it easy for potential clients to decide which option was right for them.

Another important achievement was the driving license section page: each license page included information about the different classes of licenses, such as those for cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. It also provided information about the specific requirements for obtaining and renewing each type of license, such as the minimum age, the number of lessons required, and any medical or physical fitness requirements. In addition to this basic information, I also included more detailed information about each type of license. For example, for the car license, I provided information about the different categories of vehicles that could be driven with each type of license. I also included information about the theoretical and practical tests that were required for each type of license, as well as any restrictions or limitations that applied.

One of the greatest results I’ve achieved is the Sailing Course Promo page design: the page included information about the course, such as its objectives, duration, provided teaching material, knots classes and so on. It also provided information about the specific topics covered in the course, such as navigation, safety, and practical skills. Overall, the boat sailing specs promo page was a crucial part of the Autoscuola Faro website redesign. By using engaging and visually appealing design elements to showcase the beauty and excitement of sailing, the page helped to establish my client’s as a leading provider of sailing education and training services. Additionally, I've added a Newsletter form to give clients the possibility of contacting the school specifically for the boat sailing course.


"We are absolutely happy with the final result of our school website redesign. Michael did an incredible job of bringing our vision to life while also improving the usability and functionality of the site. We're already seeing an increase in traffic and inquiries from potential clients, and we're excited to see how this will help us grow our business. Thank you so much for your hard work!"

Salvatore Simonelli @ Autoscuola Faro

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