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Latest Work

Woman Trainer Academy

#Graphic Design

#Landing Page Design


Landing Page Design and Optimitazion for WTA a Fitness Academy that prepares students to become professional women body trainers.

Latest Work

Classic Orchestra Portfolio




Web design, development and logo creation for a classic orchestra official website building. The website includes a dedicated archive section to collect and showcase all the orchestra's past concerts and events.

Latest Work

Music Production Studio

#Web design

#Logo branding

#Audio player

Music Production Studio website to showcase sound design, library music and videos works. Additional features includes logo branding, wireframing, HP design and development.

Latest Work

Sailing and Driving School





Website redesign for sailing a driving school. The website includes promo pages for boat saling courses and licenses renovation along with regular information regarding driving licenses courses, school organization and italian driving burocracy. SEO and Analytics provided.

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I'm a digital humanist: half creator, half developer.

I've started building professional websites and web apps 4 years ago.
After working for startups/companies I've carved a path in what I feel productive the most: Web Design.

Now, I'm here to help your business grow by offering my expertise in: Responsive Design, Web Development, UX/UI, Illustration Design, SEO and Copywriting.

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Michael Web Creation - Freelance Web design services

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5 stars

"Michael is a versatile web developer and UX/UI designer. He meticulously created crucial project elements: the landing page, logo, and website sections. He adeptly captured and even surpassed my vision, showcasing remarkable talent. I wholeheartedly endorse him for his extraordinary capacity to actualize concepts into impactful realities, fostering a productive and enduring partnership."

WTA - Woman Fitness Academy

WTA Marketing Officer

WTA Marketing Officer

5 stars

"Our orchestra website design, development, and logo creation was a great success. Michael's expertise and attention to detail really made a difference in the outcome of the site. The dedicated archive section is beautifully designed and provides an easy way to navigate through all of our past concerts and events!"

Orchestra Filarmonica Pucciniana - Classic Orchestra

Raffaele Della Croce

Orchestra Filarmonica Pucciniana

5 stars

"Michael's expertise and creativity shone through in the design and development of the website. The portfolio page is an exceptional showcase of our sound design, library music, and video works. We are already starting getting more clients! Highly recommend their services!"

Kinzica Studio - Music Production, sound design, library music and videos for your brand

Dario Ferrante

Kinzica Studio

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